Arguably, I spent way too much time bouldering. I started when I was 27, which means I will never achieve anything spectacular in this sport. Yet, nothing makes me more angry than not being able to climb a particular problem. Although the images might give the impression that I climb outside a lot, 99% percent of the time I am in a bouldergym.

To complement my bouldering I have done, and occasionally still do, top-rope climbing, running, yoga, free running/parkour, tricking, ninja warrior stuff. I like to point out that I am an amateur in all of these.



I am fasctinated with (human) evolution. I can spent hours looking at phylogenetic trees to understand the specific links between different species. Since I have never formally studied this topic, I am by no means an expert. More an enthousiast. However, that does not prevent me from talking about evolution. I have given a number of lectures and during them I always show off my  collection of fossiles and skull replicas of human ancestors. 

Hominid skulls
Neanderthal skull
Hominid skulls
Hominid skulls


I love to explore the world, both cultural aspects, as well as its nature. City trip or hiking through the mountains, I would take both. I share this passion with my lovely fiancee, Jonna. I sometimes believes we have more travel plans than we will ever be able to achieve in our lifetime. 

Couple in Berlin
Austrian Alps

Personal Top 3's

Just to get an insight into my thoughts, here are some personal top 3's about things I like. Take these with a grain of salt! These are all subject to change.


Favorite animals

1. Raccoon
2. Crow
3. Gibbon

Japanese curry

Favorite Food

1. Japanese curry
2. Aloo Saag
3. Pasta Pesto


Favorite bands

1. Korpiklaani
2. Metallica
3. System of a Down

Kumano Kodo trail

Favorite travels

1. Japan
2. Norway
3. Australia

Ancerstors: A humankind odysee

Favorite games

1. GTA IV (no not V)
2. Ancestors
3. Crash Team Racing