My Studies

Here you find an overview of my studies. I invite everyone to read my papers. However, research papers can be quite technical and complicated. That is why I here summarize the background, approach, results and implications of my studies in simple terms. Make sure you also take a look at the Neuroscience Methods section, so you can fully appreciate the approaches and techniques that were used!

What makes us different?

TRanscranial alternating current stimulation modulating cognition

Phase-dependent Closed-loop TMS-EEG 

Modulating uncertainty and risk-taking

Neuroscience meta-analysis

Meta-analysis - tDCS on working memory performance

Visual neuroscience

Object recognition within context

Reversal learning

Frontal cortex oscillations in learning

TMS therapy

Motor cortex plasticity following tACS

tDCS therapy

Meta-analysis - effects of tDCS on ADHD cognitive performance

Motor neuroscience

Motor cortex physiology in movement learning

Time-frequency analysis

After effects of tACS on event-related time-frequency data

Event-related potentials

Objective detection and subject valuation of reward

Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Meta-analysis on paired associative and theta burst stimulation 

Event-related potentials

Expert advice during decision making

Motor neuroscience

Motor cortex interactions during movement

Brain activity

Meta-analysis - effects of tACS on Cognitive performance