Meta-analysis - effects of tACS on Cognitive performance

All over this website you will find that brain stimulation can have beneficial effects on human behavior. Here, we performed a meta-analysis on studies that have used tACS to improve cognitive performance (read more about meta-analyses and tACS in the Neuroscience Methods section). We collected results from 51 international experiments, that were reported in 24 peer-reviewed articles. Across these studies a variety of cognitive functions were investigated, including learning, decision making, short-term memory, working memory, visual and auditory target detection, and problem solving.


Results and discussion

Overall tACS can have boost your cognitive performance. However, it should be noted that the effect size is relatively small. So, don't expect to become a superhuman. We also found that using higher intensities results into larger effects. This was primarily the case when the stimulation was applied between the front and the back of the brain. 


 Schutter & Wischnewski, (2016). A meta-analytic study of exogenous oscillatory electric potentials in neuroenhancement. Neuropsychologia, 86, 110-118.