My Mission

With so much variety in my work it is difficult to determine a single mission statement. But as a neuroscientist, my primary motive is to do research on the human brain. That is, to understand how our brain works and how it explains our behavior, senses, thoughts and feelings. This is the goal I pursue in my daily work. As a related secondary goal I want to translate finding, such that they are beneficial for clinical use. I try to further develop brain stimulation methods to improve their therapeutic efficacy.

Besides my research goal, I also have a mission to educate people on neuroscience. Communicate my findings to all of you. Why? Because knowledge on our brain and how we behave helps us to make the best decision to promote our mental health. More about this in the Mental Health section. But, also, I think that neuroscience is just interesting and fun. I want to share that joy with each one of you.

My contribution

In my mission to educate about the research I do, I give talks, take part in discussion, and collaborate with other educational media. Are you interested in my work? Do you want me to give a talk for your company, school, organization, association, cultural center, or sport club? Send me a message. I am happy to educate on a variety of topics related to the neuroscientific field. Here are some potential topics for talks:

- What is neuroscience and why is it important?
- From brain to behavior - How we do what we do.
- Towards a healthy brain - The neuroscience of mental health
- Neuroscience methods - How do we study the brain?
- Decision making and learning in the brain
- The relation between exercise and a healthy brain
- An introduction in brain stimulation
- Brain stimulation as a therapheutic method in mental disorders

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about what I can do for you.