Miles Wischnewski

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Welcome! I am a cognitive neuroscientist, trying to understand human behavior, decision making and learning. Here, you will find all about my work and the approaches I use!

The goal of my website is not only shameless self-promotion. I want to teach about human neuroscience in an accessible manner. I talk about my research in way that everyone can understand it... I hope! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message!

Miles Wischnewski

About Me

Hi! I am a cognitive neuroscientist, currently working as an assistant professor. I am fascinated how humans make decisions and learn to make better choices in the future. My goal is to study the brain physiology underlying these and other functions that explain human behavior. 

Although I use a variety of neuroscience methods, I have particular affinity with non-invasive brain stimulation, such as TMS, tDCS and tACS. If you want to know how I ended up here click the button below.



Together with my friend Michael, a cognitive psychologist, we started a YouTube channel. It contains short educational videos, discussion videos, and podcast about all topics within Psychology and Neuroscience. Check it out and subscribe!

What I do

Miles Wischnewski

My Research

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Neuroscience Methods

In neuroscience we use a variety of methods to explain human behavior and measure brain physiology. Learn all about it by clicking the button below.

Scientific papers

Publications & More

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TMS therapy

Neuroscience for Society

We don't just do neuroscience for fun. Eventually our results should add to creating a better world. Therefore, I strongly advocate for making science available for everyone. Learn more about why neuroscience is important for society and how I personally try to contribute by clicking the button below

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