Brain activity

Neuroscience for society

Neuroscience is awesome! I primarily do my daily work because I enjoy it. However, it is important that we share our findings with the general public. Understanding how the brain works is important in developing treatments for mental and neurological disorders. But, it is not limited to that. Knowledge on how our brain finds optimally learns, makes the best decisions is good for everyone.

Neuroscience education

To date, information transfer from scientific papers to accessible and easy to understand summaries is scarce. Often, information gets sensationalized or misconstrued. This results in a lot of 'fake news' about scientific findings. Therefore, I advocate for a genuine neuroscience education, which I try to provide on my website. For that matter, I also want to invite you to follow my friend from Psyched!, who shares short educational posts about psychology and neuroscience. You will find him in the link below.


My mission and contribution

My primary goals is obviously to do awesome research. However, sharing findings with the public is very important these days. Read more on what I do to make my research accessible to a general audience.

Mental health

Understanding how the brain works is important for developing treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders. Arguably, more important than treatment is prevention. Read more on the relationship between neuroscience and health.

Neuroscience and sport

Being physically active is great for you mental health. But why exactly is that? And why are we sometimes not motivated to exercise if we know we feel better afterwards? Learn more on the relationship between the brain and sport by clicking the link below.

Brain stimulation therapy

If you have skimmed over my website you will find that I work a lot with non-invasive brain stimulation, such as TMS, tDCS and tACS. Since a few years these methods are used to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders. In addition, ongoing research aims to improve therapeutic efficacy of these methods. Learn more about it by clicking the link.